General Tyre will now manufacture 18-inch tires for SUVs

General Tyre will now manufacture 18-inch tyres for SUVs
General Tyre will now manufacture 18-inch tires for SUVs

General Tyre is a unicorn in the Pakistan tire market and offers a wide range of products. Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki are using Tires supplied from this company in their cars assembled in Pakistan for 2 decades.

We recently witnessed an increase in supply and demand for compact SUVs in Pakistan. This includes the new entrants in the market which are MG HS, Proton X70, KIA Sorento, KIA Sportage, and Hyundai Tucson. This sudden growth is because of the Automotive Development Policy introduced in 2016.

Any growing industry requires factors of cost-cutting and following the same steps, compact SUV companies are more focused on localizing the parts that are used to manufacture these cars. Tires are one of the most expensive parts used in a car. And therefore General Tyre wouldn’t want to lose this opportunity. This opportunity must add big numbers to General Tyer sales and will help them recover deficit because of COVID 19.

As per our sources, General Tyre is in the development phase to manufacture 18-inch tyres. These will be used in the Compact SUVs introduced in Pakistan. This will help car manufacturers reduce their cost and they would have a choice to avoid paying extra for imported tyres.

General Tyre company also produces tires for Tractors and Motorcycles. Tractor tires are being exported to Africa and Turkey which brings in foreign currency. Their portfolio is vast and can easily fulfill demands for the local industry as well. General Tyre has done great work in localizing the tire industry and has no competition in Pakistan.

We hope to see the Pakistan automotive industry grow in the upcoming times and will play its role in the country with more jobs and economic growth.

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