New hatchback cars under 800cc fuel average comparison

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As everyone is concerned about highly rising fuel prices in Pakistan the demand for smaller cars is witnessing its peak. In Pakistan, we don’t have many options in the 800cc category and therefore only 3 cars are available in this segment.

People who look forward to buying smaller cars have major concerns regarding fuel consumption and the fuel average. Therefore AutoNotch has brought you the comparison of fuel consumption between these 3 cars to help you choose the best amongst them.

Following are the few which fall under the segment of 800cc engine size.

United Bravo 800cc

On number one we have the United Bravo which is a compact hatchback and is available at Dealerships of United Automobile in Pakistan it has an 800cc SOHC engine which is very similar to what we had in Suzuki Mehran. Its fuel Average as per customer feedback is 12 to 16 Km/Ltr.

United Bravo 2022 in Pakistan

Prince Pearl 800cc

On number two we have Prince Pearl which is also an 800cc car. It also has the same engine as Suzuki Mehran which is EFI and SOHC. The mileage of Price Pearl as per user feedback is 12 to 16 km/Ltr

Prince Pearl 2022 in Pakistan

Suzuki Alto 660cc

On number three we have the most recognized car after Suzuki Mehran which is the Suzuki Alto. Suzuki Alto has a 660cc EFI engine which is very fuel-efficient because of being the latest generation in Japan. Its fuel consumption is 18 to 22 km/ltr as per the user feedback.

Suzuki Alto 2022 in Pakistan

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  1. Ahsan June 13, 2022 at 4:16 pm - Reply

    Suzuki Alto is my favorite

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