PROTON Pakistan delivers X70 CBU Units at the original price

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PROTON received a huge number of bookings for both their X70 CBU & CKD units when they opened in 2020. Customers who booked the vehicle had high hopes of getting their hands on the premium SUV, which features advanced technology. Unfortunately, they were constantly let down by a persistent delay in the delivery. This lead to a spread of negative sentiment towards Al-Haj Automotive (Pvt.) Ltd. and their ability to fulfill their delivery commitments.

Proton X70 Launch Event
PROTON Pakistan delivers X70 CBU Units at the original price

However, it is heartening to note that Al-Haj Automotive (Pvt.) Ltd. acknowledges customer frustration over the delay in deliveries and has decided to take a brave step that should go a long way in cooling down tempers and re-assuring customers. It is worth realizing that the company values its customers’ concerns, taking measures to address them. According to our sources, the latest batch of X70 CBU Units will be delivered to customers by the end of October. The best part of this is that these units will be delivered without any change in prices, unlike the other companies that have done so.

PROTON Pakistan has decided to bear the burden of increased freight charges and a 6% devaluation in the rupee entirely from its own pocket and not pass any portion of this cost to the customers. This gesture can also be perceived to be a form of compensation to the customers for the delay in the deliveries.

This step will go a long way in restoring the customer’s trust in Al-Haj Automotive (Pvt.) Ltd. and providing them reassurance regarding the fact that PROTON Pakistan cares for its customers.

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    Very good car SUV.shoul go with bright future.

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