Why DashCam in Cars is necessary for Pakistan

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Why DashCam in Cars is necessary for Pakistan? A dashcam is a small camera placed on the dashboard of your car. The basic function of this dashcam is to record everything. This device can record the view of your vehicle’s front through the windshield. This can record the rear view of your automobiles too depending on which brand your car belongs to.

Why DashCam in Cars is necessary for Pakistan

Why using it?

Now that we have understood what is the dashcam, now it is time to answer the next question that why do we need a dashcam? Many drivers said they don’t need a dashcam because it does not contribute anything to their drive so is it true? let’s find out.

First sight evidence of a Crash :

Have you ever got into an accident and another person has blamed you instead of taking his fault? Sometimes they even try to case a file against us and we can’t do anything because we got no evidence. In this case, we use the dashcam. The first and most important benefit is that you will have first-hand evidence of an accident. Now you can save yourself from any kind of lawsuit because you are having clear video evidence.

A dashcam can help you evade wrong issued tickets:

The second reason why you should have a dashcam is that you can prove your Innocence when you have been wrongly accused, however, this is not just for other drivers, it is also for the police officers if the police accused you and gave you a wrong ticket without a proper reason, then you can prove your Innocence by showing them the video footage from the dashcam.

Capture unexpected Events:

No one can expect or no one can predict the future. Anything can be happening on the roads and that is why you need that dashcam. One of the most significant features of the dashcam nowadays is the intuitive recording with this, the dash cam can capture motion at a very distance which means that they can record as far you can even see It also help you to avoid upcoming accidents and crashes and when you get into an accident you will know exactly what was the cause and who was at the fault.

A solution for Worried Parents :

The reason why the dashcam is amazing is that it is a very helpful solution for parents. Your kids now reach their teenage and they want to drive cars it is not an easy feeling when parents see their kids getting behind the wheel and to remove that bad feeling you need a dashcam, by checking the dashcam footage at least once a week parents can check their performance and help them to be a better and responsible driver.

Replay road trips :

Last but not least, we can replay road trips and memories on a dashcam. With this covid-19 lockdown, it is itchy for various regular drivers to stay at home. So it is a good idea to install a dashcam, So instead of rewinding memories of the road in your mind, you can play the footage on your mobile or even smart TV at home.


Every car owner should have a dashcam inside their car. In the streets, we encounter various reckless drivers every day. You hold clear evidence for the insurance company also if you are not at fault.

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