Hybrid cars aren’t what they promise to be. Read on to find out.

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Hybrid cars aren’t what they promise to be. Read on to find out.

At the time of their introduction, hybrid cars were marketed as environmentally friendly and economically feasible. And while they do live up to those claims to some extent, all of those benefits remain at a surface level. The truth is, hybrid and even electric cars aren’t what they seem to be. They bring with them a barrage of problems and setbacks that can easily put them into the bracket of unwise decisions.

Hybrid cars aren’t what they promise to be. Read on to find out.

They come with a massive price tag, to begin with, and are frankly very expensive considering the economic state our country is in. Even if you somehow manage to purchase a hybrid for yourself, the expenses keep piling up. There’s the staggering upfront and maintenance cost of owning a hybrid car as well as high insurance costs. 

Findings from a study revealed that the payback period for hybrid and other electric cars is over seven years and over 200,000 km which is shocking when you consider the fact that these vehicles are being advertised and eventually sold to customers with the promise of fuel efficiency. Take a look at the table below to understand this with more clarity.

A new vehicle owner uses it for an average of approximately 3 to 5 years before making the decision to sell it off to a second party, ideally before it hits 120,000 KMs. This makes it pretty obvious that the original owner will not get any advantage from deciding to opt for a hybrid car. This fact alone tells us why only the elite class of Pakistan buys hybrid and electric vehicles. An average citizen will never be able to afford a vehicle.

First-world countries, with an abundance of wealth and higher renewable energy resources, are able to afford and subsidize vehicles with such high costs. This ends up lowering their upfront cost. That is something that Pakistan as a country cannot afford to do. It can’t subsidize the purchase of such luxury vehicles that do not bring in quick economic returns.

Hybrid cars further end up damaging our environment by using up a large number of energy resources. They are fitted with one or more electric motors, a large battery unit, and an enhanced air conditioning system which adds to the vehicle’s weight and further impacts maintenance costs.

To state it as simply as possible, hybrid vehicles became all the rage when they were first announced but it wouldn’t be surprising if a major chunk of the population will stop purchasing them altogether and go back to using traditional vehicles.

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